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    Weight Vest 30kg

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    The Cyberfit 30kg weight vest is a great product to add to your resistance training. Weight vests are most commonly used for plyometric, edurance and agility training. However, weight vests have now been integrated into many CrossFit excerises such as plyometric box jumps, burpees, push ups and gym ring training, thus making them a versatile product for all training methods.

    Our weight vest is constructed of industry standard synthetic fibre and is double stitched to ensure that no tearing will occur during intense workouts. It is designed to sit high on the upper body to reduce movement while sprinting or performing exposive jumps. Also, the vest is design with thick velcro straps on the waist which gives users the option to mould the vest to their body shape. The vest comes with 30 cast metal blocks (1kg each) which are design to easily slip in and out of the vest pockets.

    Product Specifications
    • Adjustable from 0kg to 30kg
    • The waist straps can be adjusted to suite all users
    • The vest is high positioned to ensure the vest does not move excessively during workouts
    • Cast metal blocks