Conditions of Use

All of our products are covered by a full parts and labour warranty. Items need to be returned to our warehouse for warranty claims, or we can send the required parts to you if preferred. Items are covered by a 2 year warranty, unless otherwise noted.

Even after the warranty period has expired, we can still supply parts for most products. This ensures our products can be used for many years to come, well beyond the warranty period.

Terms & Conditions
Damages. Cybermarket Pty Ltd or its representatives are not liable for any damages caused by the use of, or association with, our products. Please seek professional advice in proper technique and best practice for training with our products. Inexperienced users need to be particularly careful in embarking on a training program without the advice or supervision of a qualified personal trainer. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the user of the equipment to ensure the equipment is assembled properly, in accordance with the instructions. All bolts must be adequately fixed and tightened. If unsure of correct assembly procedure it is imperative you or your representative contact us for assistance, to ensure the product is assembled correctly and is safe to use.

Fitness for purpose. All products are designed for use in certain conditions, including maximum allowable load, using the product for the exercises specified in the product description or in the product user guide. Equipment must be used in a suitable environment, with adequate protective measures taken to minimise the risk of injury. This includes but is not limited to the use of wearing adequate protective footwear, wearing clothing designed specifically for weight training or physical exercise, training in a location with a level stable floor, adequate space, light, ventilation.

Product faults. Any product faults or manufacturing defects must be reported to us immediately, regardless of whether the product is still covered by warranty or not. We will investigate and act on all claims. It is important to ensure our products are not being misused, or used while in a sub standard or unsafe condition. Either of these situations could lead to an accident or injury, so it is critical any such issues are reported to us immediately so they can be rectified. It is the responsibility of the user to mantain the equipment to a reasonable standard. Any claims for damages caused by misuse of the product, or damages resulting from use of the product outside the recommended guidelines will not be compensated by Cybermarket Pty Ltd or its representatives.

Individual fitness. Users of our equipment should seek medical advice before embarking on any training program. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are of sound fitness and that no medical conditions exist which could affect their ability to use our equipment in a safe manner. Damages caused due to the use of our equipment by individuals with any pre existing medical condition, whether known or unknown, will not be compensated by Cybermarket Pty Ltd or its representatives.