Power racks

The power rack, also known as squat rack or power cage, is the safest way to train alone with heavy weight. With a power rack you can go heavy without a spotter. Thanks to the in built safety rail spotter bars there is no risk of being trapped under the bar. Useful for squats, bench press, shoulder press, plus a wide range of other exercises, Cyberfit power racks are the most versatile and stable racks in their class. Designed inhouse by our engineers, you can be sure of many years of trouble free service from one of our power cages.

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  • Power racks - the ultimate home gym?

    If you've been visiting the gym for a while you'll know that there are a few pieces of gym equipment that people are always lining up for. One of the main offenders is the flat press bench, and another is the squat rack, or power rack. Power racks are popular because they offer a wide range of training options. At first glance people figure the power rack can handle a fair chunk of their heavy lower body training e.g. squats, good mornings. What many people take a while to realize is that they can also throw out their press bench and chinup bar and do all of their heavy barbell training in the power rack. All the humble squat rack... Read More