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    Strongman Yoke / York Bar

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    Used by beasts of burden for centuries, the yoke is designed for hauling heavy loads! A key piece of apparatus used in strongman events for many years. Yokes are designed to be loaded up with weight plates, then picked up like a squat bar and 'walked' forward.

    Also great as a squat training bar - you can train super heavy with absolutely no fear of going too deep. So whether you're training for power lifting or strongman events, you have to have this bar in your gym if you want to hit the big lifts! Recommended maximum training load is 300kg.

    This yoke bar is adjustable through steel pop pins, which allows users to easily adjust the height of the cross bar. The cross bar height can be adjusted from 81cm up to 150cm, in 5cm increments.

    *Product weight 21kg. Shipping weight (cubic equivalent) 50kg.