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    Adjustable Squat Box

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    If you're in to power lifting you'll likely already have some experience with squat boxes. If not, welcome to the most effective method of building your squat! By squatting down on the box you ensure proper form is maintained, and force the quads and posterior chain to start at the bottom from a dead stop. The result is increased strength, largely by targeting the weakest part of the movement i.e. the bottom of the lift. This method of squatting also teaches you to maintain better form without bouncing at the bottom. If you're squatting wide the box also helps you to keep the knees back and the glutes under tension.

    We only build our products solid, and this box is no different! Made from welded steel tubes, with 12mm ply top with added steel bracing, this box can handle all lifters. Height adjustable so you can keep changing the exercise and avoid acclimatization.

    Height adjustable through 5 positions from 30cm up to 44cm.