Knee Wraps Medium

Knee Wraps Medium


Medium duty knee wraps set (pair) for powerlifting.

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For powerlifters, lifting heavier is the obvious goal. With correctly wrapped knee wraps you can add poundage to your squat or deadlift as soon as you put them on! Wraps also provide additional support for people with recurring knee pain. While we don't advocate using knee wraps (or belts) all the time, they help you achieve the goal of lifting more weight.

  • Medium tension - good for those seeking a comfortable wrap that provides some lifting assistance
  • Elastine cotton fibre construction
  • Wrap dimensions: 200cm long x 80mm
  • Colour: White with red stripes
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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)0.500000
Package Height (cm)35
Package Width (cm)10
Package Length (cm)12
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