Vinyl Flooring Planks

Vinyl Flooring Planks


EZFLOOR Vinyl flooring for gyms, studios and any application where a hard wearing timber look floor without the hardness of timber is required. Vinyl floor planks are far more forgiving underfoot, providing an anti fatigue surface that allows for a wider range of activities to be undertaken.

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EZFLOOR™ vinyl boards and tiles are environmentally friendly heterogeneous floor coverings for areas with high wear load. EZFLOOR™ vinyl floor planks are designed for commercial use with high loads and intensive use, but can also be used in the home environment.

With an EZFLOOR™ vinyl floor, a flexible and resilient flooring surface is achieved with excellent slip resistance, hygienic properties, ease of cleaning, acoustic properties, noise reduction and fire properties, which provide a hygienic, environmental and safe flooring solution for almost any application.

EZFLOOR™ is made environmentally friendly by virgin PVC and is free of heavy metals, solvents and phthalates.

Design vinyl planks and tiles, also called LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) tiles and planks, are gaining more and more attention, as an affordable, durable and flexible floor covering for businesses, institutions and housing, etc. Since the design comes from a photographic film and the surface can be embossed with any texture, virtually unimagined design possibilities and extremely natural surfaces are obtained.

EZFLOOR™ LVT planks can be supplied in the design series Natural, Classic, Special, Antique & Square in thicknesses from 1.2 to 4.5 mm with wear layers from 0.1-1 mm thickness.

Overall costs for EZFLOOR™ LVT floors is typically 80% lower than for a similar wooden floor and maintenance costs are only a fraction of that with a timber floor. This is why more and more choose vinyl LVT design floors for both small and large projects. With LVT design floors you also have the following benefits:

Vinyl planks have a beautiful and lifelike look based on the contours of natural wood.

Available in both modern and classic colors and designs and in retro styles.

High wear resistance & comfort.

Footfall sound insulation

Maintenance-free - LVT design floors require no maintenance beyond ordinary cleaning.

Easy cleaning - Vinyl LVT does not require any cleaning other than normal. vacuum cleaning and floor washing.

The applications for design floors like lvt vinyl plank and lvt vinyl tiles are almost endless, for example. carpet floors, office floors, commercial floors, shop floors, restaurant floors, institutional floors, school floors, canteen floors, kindergarten floors, bar floors, kitchen floors, exhibition floors, apartment floors in general housing construction, floors for the health sector, floors in showrooms and private homes.

LVT vinyl planks and vinyl tiles can be laid by the individual if desired. Bonding to the substrate can be done with either a permanent floor adhesive or a fixing adhesive, which allows for easy disassembly and possibly reassembly later if necessary.

The system comprises a total of over 120 designs, of which approx. 6 LVT planks with wood design in 3 mm thickness with 0.7 mm wear layer.

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