20kg Chains Set Complete Package (4x 4kg Chains)

20kg Chains Set Complete Package (4x 4kg Chains)

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20kg chain pack for powerlifting - includes 4x 4kg chains plus 4x Olympic bar hanger collars.

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If you want to lift more, then you have to lift more! Chains allow you to add more poundage at the strongest part of the lift, without overloading at the bottom of the lift. As we're always stronger at the top of the lift it makes sense to add more load through this phase. We recommend utilising chains as part of a periodisation training program where the main barbell lift is changed each week by adding chains, bands or other variable resistance devices.

Package includes
4x 4kg chains 120cm each
4x 1kg Olympic barbell hanger collars

More Information
Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)21.000000
Package Height (cm)30
Package Width (cm)20
Package Length (cm)20
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