Gym Cable Attachments

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  1. Lat Bar 61cm D Handle Angled Ends
  2. Lat Bar 67cm D Handle
  3. Tricep Rope Single
  4. Angled Pressdown Bar Rubber Coated
    Out of Stock
  5. Ankle Cuff
    Ankle Cuff
  6. Lat Bar 71cm cambered D Handle Angled Ends
  7. Cable EZ Curl Bar Rubber Ends
  8. Lat Bar 122cm
  9. Angled Pressdown Bar Rubber Ends
  10. Seated row handles / chinning triangle
  11. Stirrup Handle
  12. Tricep Rope
    Tricep Rope
  13. Straight Pressdown Bar 51cm
  14. Row Bar D Handle
  15. Lat Bar 86cm D Handle
    Out of Stock