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Crossfit Parramatta

Catering to people of all fitness levels, Marc and Sam at Crossfit Parramatta are passionate about functional training! By training multi joint lifts, and limiting the use of machines, not only are many muscle groups being trained at once in a more natural path, but core strength is increased. By varying the rep range and cardio vascular loading the training they offer helps increase athletic performance, strength, and overall condition/physique. Its warrior training at its best! Marc and Sam offer a community based approach to training, so their clients are joining a family of like minded trainers who encourage each other to do their best.

Marc and Sam specified a range of equipment including a pullup rig, Olympic bumper plates and bars, kettlebells, climbing ropes and squat stands are all essentials. Marc and Sam have been working with Cyberfit Gym equipment for many years, aiding in the development of our bumper plates, rigs, bars and kettlebells. Who better to develop equipment with than the people using it? Thats been our philosophy from day one, and we continue to improve our products based on our customers feedback.

If you're in Sydney and want to check out Marc and Sams facility, you can either look them up at, head to Unit 3/20 Loyalty Road, North Rocks NSW, or call Sam on 0438 780 673.

Cyberfit Gym Equipment /
Unit 27, 14 Stanton Rd 2147 Australia Seven Hills
02 9620 6635