Leg Press Machine Plus Hack Squat with 200kg Rubber Plates

Leg Press Machine Plus Hack Squat with 200kg Rubber Plates

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Ultra versatile combination Leg Press / Hack Squat machine from CYBERFIT gym equipment, plus 200kg of rubber coated Olympic plates.

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Steel linear bearings provide for smooth movement even under load, just as you'd expect to see on a commercial machine. Hard powdercoated finish is scratch resistant, making this machine suitable for small clubs and training studios.
This machine is unique in that it has a one piece welded frame, which makes it extremely rigid. This enables it to handle up to 400kg max load. Additionally, the front foot is a one piece welded construction - not bolt together. This eliminates any flex or rocking from side to side, especially when loaded. Welded joints dont flex like bolted joints do, and this is why heavy duty equipment is generally welded together. Accept no compromises!

We can now supply this machine with a plate carriage to suit Standard plates if required. so if you have Standard plates you can use this machine! (Plate storage pegs are fixed Olympic size).

Pickup is available from our Seven Hills warehouse, or we can ship to your door. We offer a full 2 year warranty and a lifetime frame guarantee with this equipment.

Our engineer designed this machine for heavy lifting, so you'll notice some key differences. Welding the frame is one of those innovations, along with steel linear bearings that don't bind up, wear out or rumble like plastic rollers do. For silky smooth movement only steel linear bearings will do the job! Welding the front foot may seem like an unnecessary step, but when you have 400kg swinging backwards and forwards you soon discover that the frame and front foot can never really be built too strong! Our load ratings are not published for the purposes of out selling the competition. Our ratings are conservative - theres no point in telling you that the frame can handle 2 tons, even though we are quite certain it could! We rate our equipment based on daily use in a club or training studio, so if you're buying for home use you can push beyond those limits as the use is more occasional.


  • Designed for up to 400kg load - suits Olympic plates*
  • Dual steel linear bearings
  • 4 start positions caters to users of differing heights up to 6'8" tall
  • 7cm double stitched pads, 12mm ply backing
  • Compact profile thanks to plate pegs being set underneath the carriage. This design also allows users to easily load and unload heavy plates at a more convenient height
  • Swivel foot plate allows for leg press or hack squats to be performed
  • Single welded main frame, much stronger than bolt together frames
  • Adjustable backrest, mounted on a 30mmx50mm tubular steel frame
  • One piece welded front leg frame
  • Powdercoated matte black finish is hardwearing and scratch resistant
  • Integrated plate storage racks are set close to the centre to minimise footprint
  • Dimensions: lxwxh = 182cm x 100cm x 138cm (footprint), overall length lxwxh = 202cm x 100cm x 138cm
  • Shipped in a single 201cm x 82cm x 39cm crate

This item is protected by a lifetime frame guarantee, plus a 2 year warranty on bearings and pads.

*The plate storage pegs are welded on and only suit Olympic plates. The plate carriage is bolted on, therefore we can substitute the plate carriage for a Standard size to allow the machine to function with Standard plates. Please request the Standard plate carriage in checkout if required.

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)340.000000
Package Height (cm)50
Package Width (cm)80
Package Length (cm)200
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