Olympic Bumper Plates Set 167kg Bumper with 1000lb Bar

Olympic Bumper Plates Set 167kg Bumper with 1000lb Bar

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CYBERFIT 167kg Olympic bumpers set, comprising 25kg, 20kg, 15kg, 10kg IWF spec 450mm bumpers, plus fractionals.

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Olympic lifting 167kg Bumper plates package, with plates rated to 30,000 cycles! As used in Olympic and other professional/competitive lifting events. These weights can be dropped from head height - the steel centre hubs are designed for high impact. We've designed these bumpers to handle the rigors of crossfit use, so they can be dropped on a single layer of 15mm thick rubber flooring for up to 30,000 cycles. This package includes:

  • 2x 25kg, 2x 20kg, 2x 15kg, 2x 10kg rubber bumper plates (450mm diameter), 2x 2.0kg, 2x 1.0kg , 2x 0.5kg machined powdercoated fractional plates.
  • Bumper plate thicknesses:
    • 10kg: 30mm
    • 15kg: 42mm
    • 20kg: 51mm
    • 25kg: 57mm
  • 1000lb bar, 220cm, rotating Olympic ends with brass bushing
  • 2x Lock jaw collars included

Great for athletics training gyms, powerlifting, or healthclubs looking to add a professional lifting set to their range.

We've been supplying bumper plates since 2006, and we've tried all the different designs. Whats good for the occasional drop in a weightlifting environment won't last in a more rigorous cross training environment with much higher reps. High quality plates that can last the distance differ in two main ways:

  • The use of higher quality rubber
  • Adequate centre support, i.e. centre hubs

These plates utilise a large central hub to distribute the impact load when the plate hits the floor. These bumpers wont twist/buckle on impact, so the centres won't fall out with long term use. We use high quality rubber which is able to handle multiple impacts in a commercial environment. As a result, these plates are rated for 30,000 cycles.

*Please note, this set comes with spring collars, not spin collars (pictured)

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)172.000000
Package Height (cm)60
Package Width (cm)45
Package Length (cm)45
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