Olympic Deadlift Trap Hex Barbell 160cm

Olympic Deadlift Trap Hex Barbell 160cm

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Full commercial large 160cm wide solid steel Hex deadlift trap bar, 30mm diameter steel bar with 50mm Olympic end sleeves. This bar is one piece welded - nothing will break off or come loose, ever! This is a full size 160cm wide barbell with plenty of room to move inside.

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Full size 160cm wide commercial hex bar for deadlifts and hack squats. This barbell differs from many others on sale which are only 25mm diameter, 20-23kg bars.

Constructed from 30mm solid steel, this bar wont bend under load. One piece construction means no loose ends or rotating bits - theres simply nothing you can break on this bar! Lifters can achieve a stronger grip with this type of bar for 2 main reasons:

  • The bar can't roll out of the hands
  • Hammer grip is stronger than palms forward or palms back grip

In addition, this bar allows lifters to remain more upright, reducing load on the lower back. Its a great alternative to straight bar deadlifts, enabling the lifter to transfer more of the work to the quads.

Technical specs:

  • Overall size:160cm x 72cm
  • One piece welded construction
  • Bar diameter 30mm
  • Bright chrome plated
  • 64cm between the handles
  • Net weight 32kg
  • Bar ends measure 33cm in length
  • Second set of handles raised 12cm above the first set
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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)32.000000
Package Height (cm)25
Package Width (cm)60
Package Length (cm)170
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