Squat Wedge Calf Block

Squat Wedge Calf Block

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Squat block - perfect for improving form by bringing your weight further forward over your toes. Also doubles as a calf raise block. Measures 70cm x 16cm x 5cm. Angled at 19 Degrees.

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When squatting establishing good form is essential before going too heavy. Using a squat block teaches trainers to bring their weight further forward on to their toes, which takes some of the strain off the lower back and greatly reduces knee strain. With the heels raised slightly the knees are not subjected to such an acute angle, as the ankles are slightly further foward.

Also very useful as a calf raise block. Simply stand near the top of the ramp and pivot on your toes to get a great stretch through the calves at the bottom of the lift.

Measures 70cm x 16cm x 5cm. Angle is 19 degrees. High density solid rubber construction, net weight 6kg.

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)7.000000
Package Height (cm)6
Package Width (cm)20
Package Length (cm)73
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