Fractional Weight Plates 0.25kg Machined Pair

Fractional Weight Plates 0.25kg Machined Pair


0.25kg pair of fractional plates to suit Olympic bars. Precision machined for greater accuracy and consistency.

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Sometimes when you've reached a plateau you have to change your training strategy a little. Changing the main barbell exercise, the range of motion, the starting point, using bands, chains, lifting off the safety rails are all techniques that people employ to keep their lifts advancing to the next level.

Another popular method is by marginally increasing the weight each session. The body is an adaptive system, so if the weight increases it must adapt! Fractional plates are a great way of increasing the weight on a regular basis, without losing the psychological battle we all face in handling more and more weight. Of course, theres nothing we can do about having more energy on some days than others, but all things being equal, even a small increase in weight is always welcome.

IRONWORX™ precision machined fractional plates are built to last. Bright chrome plated, with 51mm diameter centres.

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)1.000000
Package Height (cm)1
Package Width (cm)10
Package Length (cm)10
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