Olympic Jerk Training Boxes

Olympic Jerk Training Boxes

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If you're in to Olympic lifting, deadlifting or squatting, you'll find these boxes invaluable in helping increase you lifts. In the clean and jerk, these boxes allow you to train the top part of the lift, known as the 'jerk'. In reality its a front squat, which starts from the bottom of the squat position. In addition to the clean and jerk is the snatch. This lift requires you to squat with the bar held above your shoulders. Not an easy lift, but these boxes mean you can train the squat with the bar above your shoulders over and over.

If you are deadlifting, these boxes can be used for rack pulls, with heavier weight but in a slightly higher start position. If you're back squatting, you'll know the importance of squatting from the bottom as much as possible in order to train the weakest part of the lift. These boxes allow you to train the back squat from the bottom of the lift. It makes a great change from box squatting, without expending any energy in the negative phase of the lift.

Cyberfit jerk boxes are made tough for big lifters. Being constructed from reinforced 20mm ply ensures they don't flex under load. Each tower weighs in at just over 60kg - theres plenty of reinforcing in these boxes! With 4 layers, theres ample height adjustment available, right down to 4". Sizes are as follows:
  • Imperial: 4", 6", 12", 15"
  • Metric equivalent: 10cm, 15.5cm, 30.5cm, 38cm
  • Overall height: 37" / 94cm

*Shipping weight 575kg is based on cubic dimensions, actual weight is 130kg for the set

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)575.000000
Package Height (cm)120
Package Width (cm)120
Package Length (cm)120
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