Power Rack + Bench Package Deal

Power Rack + Bench Package Deal

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Complete power rack home gym training package from CYBERFIT™ gym equipment. This package includes a 350kg rated CYBERFIT™ flat bench.

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This power rack and bench package is perfect for Personal trainers or home users who want to invest in some decent gear that will last a lifetime. Now you can add our optional new V2 front mounted LC-DIPS2 dipping bars for only $95 - these ultra convenient, super stable dips bars can be left on the rack while you're doing your squats or bench press inside the cage!  

Additionally, we can supply an optional high low pulley attachment for an additional $270. This allows you to perform lat pulldowns, tricep pressdowns, cable rows, and cable bicep curls, along with a range of other exercises. 

This power rack is rated to 400kg training load - so we loaded it up to 600kg (pictured) just to be sure! This rack utilises solid 28mm diameter safety rails, plus a chinup bar. This package comes with a no nonsense flat bench, rated to 350kg. 

We offer a lifetime frame guarantee, and a 2 year warranty on all components, as well as providing service and spare parts for years to come. We have been supplying this rack since 2005, and we have not received a bad word of feedback yet! Our rack uses welded support brackets, not bolt on brackets. This makes a crucial difference to the strength and rigidity of the rack. 

Technical Specifications 

Power rack:

  • Accommodates 7' (86" or 218cm) Olympic bars, or any bar measuring 120cm or more between the plate stops
  • Measures 110cm between the spotter bars - wide enough for the tallest of trainers!
  • 4x adjustable height barbell hooks, made from 60x40 box tube, with 28mm solid bar welded right through the middle, 600kg rating
  • 3x horizontal cross bars provide superior rigidity - the rack doesn't wobble, even with 400kg on it
  • Adjustable height safety rails - push through type, 28mm diameter solid bars with integrated barbell pegs rated to 800kg
  • LxWxH = 117cm x 116cm x 215
  • Net weight 95kg - it's a heavy rack, plenty of steel means plenty of strength!
  • Multi grip chin up bar included, with 4 hammer grips, ultra wide 114cm wide grip
  • Colour: Carbon black
  • Detailed assembly instructions included

Flat bench:

  • 70x50mm box section tubing
  • Max load 350kg
  • Single front foot - no more tripping over the front supports!
  • 710mm width rear foot for rock solid stability
  • Hard foam pad with double stitched cover
  • 12mm ply base with support brackets
  • Transport wheels for easy relocation
  • Colour: Carbon black
  • LxWxH = 1280mm x 710mm x 430mm
  • Pad dimensions: 1150mm x 270mm
  • Net weight 18kg

Suggested exercises you can perform with this system: 

Chest: Bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell flyes 

Triceps: Close grip bench press, seated or standing dumbbell extensions (behind the neck), bench dips, dips across the safety rails, lying barbell extensions, dumbbell kickbacks, dumbbell pullovers (with a single dumbbell), incline barbell extensions (behind the neck) 

Biceps: Barbell curls, Ez-bar curls, dumbbell curls, dumbbell concentration curls, seated dumbbell curls, dumbbell hammer curls (standing), palms up chin ups (shoulder width grip) 

Forearms: Reverse grip barbell curls (standing), barbell wrist curls (forearms resting on bench), dumbbell wrist curls (seated, forearms resting on legs), reverse barbell wrist curls, dumbbell reverse wrist curls 

Back & lats: Bent over barbell rows, single dumbbell bent over rows (kneeling on bench), deadlifts, good mornings, wide grip chinups, reverse grip bent over barbell rows, barbell or dumbbell shrugs 

Shoulders: Seated or standing dumbbell shoulder press, upright rows, dumbbell lateral raises, dumbbell front raises, bent over dumbbell lateral raises, seated barbell press, standing barbell press 

Legs: Back squats, box squats, front squats, half squats off the safety rails

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)110.000000
Package Height (cm)50
Package Width (cm)40
Package Length (cm)220
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