JX Fitness Multi Gym with Leg Press + Chin Dip

JX Fitness Multi Gym with Leg Press + Chin Dip

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The 926 home gym takes the 916 and adds a chin-dip-kneeraise tower, plus a plate loaded press arm for chest and shoulder press, squats, hack squats, rows. The leg press plate is also beefed up on the 926 to allow for the heavier 205lb stack - with the tension doubling pulley this maxes you out to a 410lb leg press!

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Built for home gyms where more than one person needs to train, the 926 home gym has all the bases covered, from upper body to core and legs training, this is the home gym to have for all the family to use together!



LxWxH = 235cm x  226cm x  225cm

Weight stack: 205lb (93kg)

Max user weight (chin/dip/kneeraise station): 125kg

Max user weight (Front and Right side stations): 150kg

Powdercoated satin black finish

All parts supplied in numbered blister packs - no searching for fasteners required! Step by step instructions with diagrams for each assembly step

Exercises that can be done on front station

410lb max chest press wide or narrow grip, chest cable flyes, 410lb max incline press

410lb max chest supported row (facing the machine) wide or narrow grip

205lb max lat pulldown

205lb max triceps extension overhead (while seated)

410lb max leg press

Low cable thigh adductor/abductors, cable curls, upright rows

Cable abdominal crunch

Exercises that can be done on left side station


Knee raise

Parallel bar dips


Available plate loaded exercises on the right side station

Chest press, incline press (just add a bench)

Squat, hack squat

Shoulder press

Calf raise (just add a calf block)


Included attachments

Lat pulldown bar

Tricep rope

2x single stirrup handles

Press arm crossbar - part of the free weight station

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Tare or Cubic Shipping Weight (KG)400.000000
Package Height (cm)220
Package Width (cm)100
Package Length (cm)60
BrandJX Fitness
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